Work with us to find and fund fast-growing firms

We want to build strong relationships with advisors who know the business community inside-out. Our relationship with our introducers is key to achieving the best results for the companies we fund.

Good communication is at the heart of everything we do. We are transparent about our pricing, we explain our decisions and we update advisors regularly after businesses have been introduced.

  • Commissions: we pay advisors for each prospect they introduce that we fund
  • Long-term relationships: we work closely with our valued introducers over a period of time
  • Communication: we are transparent and will keep you informed
  • Range of options: we provide alternative finance, so you can offer businesses more choice

“We take a whole-market view of alternative finance and our ongoing alliance with Growth Lending provides an excellent opportunity to find the best possible funding options for our clients

Richard Mason, director, Ricosta Capital

Frequently asked questions

1. Does Growth Lending pay commissions to advisors?

Yes. We pay a commission for each company introduced to us that we fund. Our fees are set out below. Please note that all commissions are paid monthly, in arrears, for the lifetime of the client’s facility.

Product Commission Upfront kicker
Flexible invoice discounting 20% of “actual” service fee income 20% of the first year’s minimum service fee
Revolving credit facilities 20% of “actual” service fee income 20% of the first year’s minimum service fee
Selective invoice finance (GBP) 10% of fee income N/A
Selective invoice finance (USD/EUR) 0.25% of the clients peak borrowing amount N/A

2. Can I build a long-term relationship with Growth Lending?

Yes. We value the experience of our advisors, who have strong links to their local business communities. Their knowledge enables us to offer alternative funding options to fast-growing firms that are ready to take the next step. We are happy to work regularly with advisors who want to build a long-term relationship with us.

3. What is Growth Lending’s approach to working with advisors?

Communication is key. We are transparent about the pricing of our products and about our work with introducers; we make swift decisions and explain our rationale; and we provide regular updates on the progress of each prospect after a business has been introduced. Our relationship with our advisors is key to achieving the best results for the companies we fund.

4. What can Growth Lending offer to the businesses I introduce?

We have a greater credit appetite than many banks and can often provide funding where traditional lenders cannot. We offer alternative facilities that give businesses a wider range of financing options, and each of these – revolving credit facilities, selective invoice finance and flexible invoice discounting – can be tailored to suit a company’s needs.