Growth loans

Flexible funding from our sister company

BOOST&Co is one of the UK’s leading alternative lenders. Founded in 2011 to support UK SMEs where traditional lenders struggle to, it provides tailored loans for fast-growing businesses in exciting sectors that are ready to scale.

  • Term loans of £1m to £10m, providing innovative businesses with capital to fund ambitious plans for growth;
  • Venture debt of £2m to £10m, to help high-growth companies to scale and to achieve higher valuations;
  • Growth loans of £1m to £10m, for fast-growing businesses with a growth-type need, including working capital and M&A.

BOOST&Co has a strong track record in funding TMT (technology, media and telecommunications) businesses, but will consider firms in all sectors. It does not take personal guarantees and does not require seats on your company’s board.

The funding process is smooth and swift (as little as six weeks), and loans can be used flexibly – for example, to support working capital needs during a strong growth phase, to maintain existing growth strategies or to implement new projects, such as buying an existing UK business.

BOOST&Co has offices in London, Manchester, Bristol and Cambridge, with additional dealmakers in Reading, Birmingham and Leeds. The team will quickly gain a thorough understanding of your business, to offer a loan tailored to your needs.

The Growth Lending Group: our brands

We are part of the Growth Lending Group, established in 2019 to harness the complementary strengths of our two brands: Growth Lending and BOOST&Co.

The Growth Lending Group is an independent lender funded by large institutional investors, with a team of 85 people to achieve our lending objectives and to manage our investors’ needs. We are bound by a strong company culture and promote diversity and inclusion.