Recruitment finance

Bespoke finance for the recruitment sector

At Growth Lending, we have extensive experience of working with businesses across the recruitment sector and have a thorough understanding of these firms’ unique challenges.

The main road block to scale for recruitment companies is cash flow, as such organisations are often required to pay their contractors on a weekly basis, but won’t see their own revenue realised until much later, with many customers on payment terms that can stretch to 90 days or later.

A recruitment business is only as good as the people that it supplies, so trust between the organisation and its contractors is paramount to its success. Where these contractors are not paid on time, the relationship breaks down and the negative impact on the business is significant.

Our flexible facilities ease these cash flow strains, enabling recruitment firms to strengthen their working capital position and reach next level growth.

What is recruitment finance?

Recruitment finance focuses on bridging the cash flow gap for recruitment firms, using invoice finance and flexible facilities to smooth the cash cycle and maintain the working relationships that are so crucial for these firms’ success.

How we can help

We have a range of products that we can tailor to your needs, solving the problems that growing recruitment companies often face

  • Flexible invoice discounting, revolving credit facilities and selective invoice finance can relieve pressure on cash flows by releasing money tied up in your sales ledger
  • They can help you to bridge cash flow gaps, move forward with orders and growth plans, and release working capital for other purposes such as acquisition and MBOs
  • We can provide more funding than other lenders and we impose fewer restrictions around debtor concentrations 
  • Our experience in this sector means we understand your contract challenges – and how to work through them with you
  • Bad debt protection provided as part of the package
  • You can choose which debtors you fund, providing flexibility

Key benefits of recruitment finance

Our range of bespoke products offers many benefits, including:

  • A scalable release of working capital that reduces your accrued debt and increases monthly outgoings
  • Increased cash flow for day-to-day expenses, investment and growth
  • Faster payment of invoices to give improved control of cash flow 
  • Flexibility, including the option to vary your facility each month, depending on your requirements
  • Support for mergers-and-acquisitions activity, as you pursue opportunities to grow even more quickly

What our borrowers say

“After seeing an increase in demand for security services, we needed a lender that would provide us with the backing we needed to grow our client base and continue to provide a high-quality service to our existing customers. We are pleased to be working with the team at Growth Lending and we appreciate their support for our vision.”

Ahmed Yar Khan, director at AKD Facilities Management