Finance to support your goals

Our products give you the flexibility and speed to accelerate your growth

Our products

Choose the type of finance that fits your companys needs. We fund growth strategies, working capital and acquisitions. Our facilities give you the flexibility to support your goals.

Revolving credit icon

credit facilities

Strengthen your working capital – access pre-approved funds, with interest charged only on the outstanding amount

Flexible: fill your cash flow gap while waiting to receive funds by drawing capital when you like

Simple: a borrowing base-type facility means easy management; no need to verify invoices

Large amounts: borrow up to £20m by leveraging all assets, not just receivables

Freedom: you decide how much you borrow and when to pay it back

flexible invoice icon

invoice discounting

Increase your working capital – leverage your entire national and international sales ledger or a chosen pool of debtors

Flexible: you can select the debtors you want to fund, with no minimum income criteria

Simple: our automated portal streamlines your monthly administrative tasks

Concentration: we are flexible in regard to concentration limits

Service: our relationship managers understand each company’s needs in detail

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invoice finance

Adjust your cash flow – release funds tied up in specific invoices, with no fixed contract to tie you down

Flexible: fund the invoices you choose as often as you like; no minimum contract length

Transparent: our self-service platform gives a live view of financed invoices and costs

Fast: we have a streamlined process and fund same-day, every day

Service: your funding manager provides a dedicated point of contact