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Media businesses we’d swipe right for

Growth Lending puts its cards on the table to reveal the types of businesses it loves to fund

Maddie Dumpleton

At Growth Lending we are always in pursuit of the perfect match, as we aim to offer the best funding solutions to all of our potential suitors. With an expert team in place and years of experience, we’ve come to recognise the types of businesses that we like to fund most.

One industry we are particularly fond of, that often struggles to find the funding it needs, is the media sector. These businesses contend with long payment terms from their debtors and are often overlooked by traditional lenders due to a lack of understanding around their financial structures.

Despite their complicated personas, Growth Lending would swipe right for a few archetypal media businesses, time and time again.

We break down what we’re looking for in our prospects below:

1. High growth, venture capital or angel investor-backed start-ups

These pre-profit firms are growing revenue at speed with the support of equity investors. We often find the firm is underpinned by unique technology which is luring investors and customers alike. 

They are seeking debt to lengthen their cash runway between equity raises and we are able to help.

2. Sustainable growth businesses

Steady and reliable, these businesses are turning profits and growing top revenues at a sustainable rate. 

Typically, they will be looking for a financing partner to smooth working capital as they manage complex projects and lengthy customer payment terms. We can offer stability and support through our facilities and consider ourselves an ideal partner to achieve these goals. 

3. Pre-acquisition businesses

On a mission to grow their top line and/or profitability without raising further equity and diluting existing shareholders, these businesses are on the hunt for a debt facility that will get them noticed. 

They want to boost their cash balance and demonstrate to potential acquirers their ability to obtain and manage debt funding. We’ll gladly be the stepping stone they need to find an acquirer.

4. Companies looking to make acquisitions

Showcasing a strong balance sheet and healthy profitability, these businesses are after a quick and efficient way to promote growth. 

They want to leverage both their own and the target company’s balance sheets to make an acquisition and we can offer exactly that. 


So, now we have laid our cards on the table, it might be time for you to make your feelings known…

Get in contact if your media business is on the lookout for a funding partner to support its day-to-day operations, or fulfil larger growth goals – we can’t wait to hear from you.