FMCG finance

Bespoke finance for the fast moving consumer goods industry

At Growth Lending, we have extensive experience of supporting businesses that produce food, beverages, cosmetics and other fast moving consumer goods, with a strong stock of such firms in our current and historic portfolio.

These businesses often face unique challenges, with high up-front production costs, long customer payment terms and high debtor concentration that puts pressure on their cash flow, but also makes it difficult to secure funding from traditional lenders.

Our thorough understanding of these challenges and the specific expertise of our team enables us to be more flexible than our competitors, strengthening the working capital position of FMCG firms so that they can reinvest in growth, expansion and additional product development.

How we can help

We have a range of products that we can tailor to your needs, solving the problems that food and beverage manufacturers often face

  • Flexible invoice discounting and selective invoice finance can relieve pressure on cash flows by releasing money tied up in your sales ledger
  • Revolving credit facilities can help smooth working capital throughout the year leveraging against accounts receivable, stock and plant and machinery. 
  • Our experience in this sector means we understand your contract challenges – and how to work through them with you
  • We can provide more funding than other lenders and impose fewer debtor concentration restrictions 
  • We allow for a flexible use of funds, enabling you to reinvest in growth, including expansion into new markets and product development
  • We often work with businesses that have PE/VC/angel investor involvement and can provide cash without dilution, which lengthens the runway between equity raises

Key benefits of FMCG finance

Our range of bespoke products offers many benefits, including:

  • A scalable release of working capital that reduces your accrued debt and increases monthly outgoings
  • Increased cash flow for day-to-day expenses, investment and growth
  • Faster payment of invoices removes cash flow pressures imposed by lengthy customer payment terms
  • Our revolving credit facility provides larger limits than traditional providers, including up to 120% of accounts receivable, 30% against stock and 70% against plant & machinery
  • Flexibility, including the option to vary your facility each month, depending on your requirements
  • Bad debt protection as part of the package

What our borrowers say

“Growth Lending is supporting us with a revolving credit facility that has provided much-needed working capital to enable continued growth in our major channels that include Amazon and Sainsbury’s in the UK and Whole Foods in North America. Julian and the team have been fantastic to work with, extremely diligent and proactive in their approach to providing support.”

James Divga, co-founder of Sauce Shop

“We are excited to be working with Growth Lending, as the team believes in our vision and understands our ambitious plan to be a leader in the emerging vegan pet product industry. We’re looking forward to building on this relationship and are grateful to Growth Lending for its continued support.”

Mark Hirschel, commercial director and co-founder of HOWND