Flexible invoice discounting

Free up funds against
your sales ledger

Increase your working capital by using your entire sales ledger or a chosen pool of debtors, whether national or international. We accept high concentration limits in your sales ledger.

Flexible invoice discounting gives you access to up to 90% of invoices, strengthening your working capital and enhancing your cash flow. It is also known as invoice discounting or invoice finance.

Benefits of flexible invoice discounting

  • Flexible: select the debtors you want to fund, with no minimum income criteria
  • Simple: our online portal streamlines your monthly administrative tasks
  • Concentration: we are flexible in regard to concentration limits
  • Service: your relationship manager understands your needs in detail
  • Transparent: our self-service platform gives a live view of your reporting needs
  • International: multiple currencies, in multiple jurisdictions, in one facility

“Growth Lending’s understanding and speed of delivery have enabled us to quickly capitalise on a new opportunity and more than double our monthly revenues. We have been impressed by their team”

Wayne Brown, finance director, Active Security Solutions

Frequently asked questions


1. What is flexible invoice discounting?

Flexible invoice discounting enables businesses to leverage against their entire sales ledger, or a chosen pool of debtors, by using their unpaid accounts receivables as collateral for the facility.

By freeing up the working capital tied up in unpaid invoices, businesses are able to invest in growth, expansion, recruitment, acquisitions or whatever they wish, all while retaining responsibility for their sales ledger and invoice processing.

2. How does flexible invoice discounting work?

After you have completed our straightforward online process, we aim to respond with an offer within 24 hours. You then simply select the debtors you want to fund and upload the corresponding invoices to our online portal. These invoices will contribute to your available balance and you will be able to begin drawing down funds.

3. What is the difference between flexible invoice discounting and invoice factoring?

Unlike invoice factoring, using a flexible invoice discounting facility means that businesses retain responsibility for their sales ledger, as well as processing invoices and following up on payments. Customers do not need to be informed of the arrangement and the company keeps control of its working capital and cash flow.

4. What is the difference between flexible invoice discounting and selective invoice financing?

Selective invoice financing provides businesses with the flexibility to choose which invoices to fund and when, giving them control of their cash flow and working capital. With a flexible invoice discounting facility, a company can choose specific debtors to leverage against or can use its entire sales ledger.

Where selective invoice financing provides funds on an invoice-by-invoice basis, flexible invoice discounting offers a single sum, depending on the value of the invoices that have been selected for leverage.

Both types of facility free up working capital and give firms the flexibility to manage their own credit, but each will suit different types of business model.

5. What are the benefits of flexible invoice discounting?

Flexible invoice discounting releases working capital that is tied up in unpaid invoices. By leveraging against a group of invoices or their entire sales ledger, businesses can gain access to greater upfront amounts than they might with a facility providing cash on an invoice-by-invoice basis. The money can then be reinvested in growth, expansion, acquisitions, research and development, recruitment or anything that will strengthen the firm.

Growth Lending’s flexible invoice discounting facility has the benefit of our easy-to-use online platform, which removes the heavy monthly administrative burden associated with traditional facilities. We do not impose funding restrictions around concentration, so our product is more accessible than others on the market.

6. What are the eligibility criteria for flexible invoice discounting?

You must have a UK limited company and must have at least five B2B debtors on credit terms.

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