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Valour Group

Short-term consumer loan specialist, based in Stockport, secures £5m loan to win and serve new customers


What does the company do?

Stockport-based Valour Group is made up of multiple fintech brands, including the consumer lending platform The group, which is one of the fastest-growing financial technology companies in the UK, prides itself on innovation, efficiency and outstanding customer service. The business regularly invests in the latest technology and has also developed its own proprietary software.

What funding has it secured?

Product: Revolving credit facility (under the CBILS scheme)

Amount: £5m

How will it use the money?

Build its customer base.

Having experienced rapid growth in 2020, thanks to growing demand for its products, Valour Group now requires a bigger facility, so that the business can continue lending to existing customers while acquiring new ones.

Why did we fund this firm?

Sinead Johnson, principal at Growth Lending, says: “The team at Valour is energised about the future success of the business and is passionate about providing a stand-out professional service to its customers. Working with Valour has been a great experience for us and we are excited to be a part of the company’s growth journey.”

Why choose Growth Lending?

Natalie Blain, Valour Group’s managing director, says: “We are looking forward to working with Growth Lending and appreciate the team’s support, which will be key to the successful execution of our ambitious growth strategy.”