Amazon vendor finance

Bespoke finance for Amazon vendors

At Growth Lending, we have extensive experience of supporting businesses that work with Amazon and its Vendor Central selling platform.

Many manufacturers and distributors act as a bulk supplier to Amazon, selling through its platform to become a first-party seller, but struggle to access funding from traditional invoice finance lenders because of the high concentration of debt into one large organisation.

Growth Lending has a thorough understanding of the challenges that these businesses face and is experienced at verifying debt through Amazon’s EDI system. We support multiple businesses that already operate on the platform and actively seek to lend in this space, with an appreciation for the strong proposition that Amazon vendors usually offer.

What is finance for Amazon vendors?

A more flexible form of invoice finance than is typical in the market, Growth Lending’s finance for Amazon vendors supports such firms to overcome the high concentration challenges that are often an obstacle for other lenders.

Our funding focuses on smoothing the cash flow cycle and strengthening working capital, so that manufacturers and distributors supplying through Amazon can reinvest in their future growth.

How we can help

We have a range of products that we can tailor to your needs, solving the problems that Amazon vendors often face

  • Flexible invoice discounting and selective invoice finance can relieve pressure on cash flows by releasing money tied up in your sales ledger
  • Revolving credit facilities can help you to bridge cash flow gaps, move forward with orders and growth plans and release working capital for other purposes
  • Our experience in this sector means we understand your contract challenges – and how to work through them with you
  • We can provide more funding than other lenders and won’t impose the debtor concentration restrictions that are usually a key challenge for Amazon vendors
  • We have a thorough understanding of the Amazon EDI platform and debt verification process and of the relationship between Amazon UK Services & Amazon EU Sarl and its Luxembourg jurisdiction

Key benefits of finance for Amazon vendors

Our range of bespoke products offers many benefits, including:

  • A scalable release of working capital that reduces your accrued debt and increases monthly outgoings
  • Increased cash flow for day-to-day expenses, investment and growth
  • Faster payment of invoices to give improved control of cash flow
  • Flexibility, including the option to vary your facility each month, depending on your requirements
  • Support for mergers-and-acquisitions activity, as you pursue opportunities to grow even more quickly

What our borrowers say

“Growth Lending has been able to provide a bigger facility than our previous lender, injecting significant cash flow into the organisation, which has been vital for business continuity and growth. The monthly reconciliation is clear and simple, so the facility is also easier to manage.”

Rupesh patel, managing director at Metropharm